The allure of the fascinating Dominican Republic

Traveling to an exotic destination can be one of the most enriching experiences during one’s lifetime. To witness, to feel and to be able to enjoy cultural heritages, breathtaking landscapes, astonishing virgin parts of our nature, the generosity, simplicity and kindness of the locals will inevitably change your perspectives and make you embrace a different lifestyle. To embark on such a journey, to a place where time seems to have stood still, means to embark on a journey of new discoveries, new adventures and new, perhaps unknown, feelings. Everyone dreams about flying over seas and oceans to such a paradisaical place, to the wild nature and its intoxicating scent, far away from modern life. Everyone dreams about miles long white sandy beaches with palm trees swaying over them, about crystal-clear turquoise waters, about tropical vegetation wherever you look and about an atmosphere that reminds us of the beautiful communion between man and nature. Of course, there are numerous places like this on earth that are definitely worth visiting once in a lifetime, but not all are financially accessible. This is not the case for the Dominican  Republic and its amazing landscapes, a country whose beauty can be admired at more and more affordable rates wherever you depart from. So if you are searching for interesting places to visit on a budget, stick close and see what this exotic and mesmerizing country has to offer.

Dominican -Republic

To travel to an exotic destination means to travel back in time, where life is moving in a slow, peaceful pace and where modern elements are rare to be seen. An exotic destination means unspoiled nature, white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and memorable moments. To dive and enjoy the beauty of the marine life, of the amazing coral reefs, to swim with dolphins, to feed the sharks, these are all experiences that rejoice both the body and the soul. If you want to do this and many more, you should definitely try a visit to Punta Cana, the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic, an ideal place to unwind and leave all cares behind. Punta Cana is renowned for the hospitality and friendliness of the locals, for its tropical climate, with average temperatures of 26°C, and of course for its coastline of white sandy beaches. In this region one can discover many natural wonders untouched by human intervention, such as SaonaIsland, a spectacular island part of the Parque Nacional del Este natural reserve. A day-trip to fun and water parks, where one has the opportunity to see exotic fish, to take a walk through lush gardens boasting of tropical plants or to swim with trained dolphins is a must and at the same a guarantee of an unforgettable time. This is how you can enjoy interesting places to visit without having to travel around the globe and spending all your retirement savings.

Samana -Peninsula

To travel to an exotic destination like the Dominican Republic means to experience amazing snorkeling, to scuba dive or to do helicopter tours, to just fly over the unbelievably beautiful coastline and see some of the most spectacular images. What could be more relaxing than to just lie on a white sandy beach, surrounded by palm trees and the delightful ocean, and to enjoy it all with a refreshing cocktail? It may be the confirmation that indeed heaven can be found also on earth.

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