Enjoy animal encounter at Ocean World, near Puerto Plata

The Dominican Republic has become a popular tourist destination in the past years, due to its wonderful beaches and all-inclusive resorts. Puerto Plata and Playa Dorada are only some of the amazing places you can visit during a holiday in the region – their silver and golden sands are so rare that you will hardly be able to find them anywhere else in the world. Besides the incredible beaches, this are also takes a lot of pride in its cultural past and diverse amenities, offering tourists the possibility to fill their time however they want, due to the wide selection of activities in Puerto Plata. Once of these facilities is represented by The Ocean World, a water park situated near Puerto Plata. A visit here will be the perfect energy boost not only for kids, who will love interacting with animals, but also for adults. Here is what Ocean World has to offer to its visitors:


Swimming with dolphins

This represents the main attraction of the water park: during a whole hour, you will have the chance to interact, play and swim with two amazing bottlenose dolphins. The experience is truly unique, and Ocean World near Puerto Plata is able to offer it to you! In the beginning of the swimming session, you and your group will participate in a short orientation, then you will be able enter the water and find out some basic things about the dolphins’ bevahiour. As soon as they get used to you and the vice versa, you can start swimming, feeding, petting, kissing or hugging the animals during half an hour. The second part of the visit continues in the beach area for another half an hour, where you can interact with the animals, one to one, in their natural environment.


Meeting the sea lions

The sea lions encounter is also an experience that you are not able to live every day, so make sure you do not miss it once you enter Ocean World. The session lasts half an hour and consists in a program designed to entertain everyone, regardless their age. Both children and adults will be happy to see the clown of the sea, the Patagonian Sea Lion, and meet them up close. The animals can be seen in the interactional pool, especially designed to host the sea lions and the tourists, who are offered the possibility to touch, pet, feed or simply play with this incredible creatures.


Take your experience to another level – meet the sharks

During a half an hour session, you will get the opportunity to encounter and swim with sharks and stingrays. If you are courageous and adventurous, then this will definitely be the best experience for you: challenge your fears and meet these amazing animals at Ocean World. However, remember that the creatures have been specially trained so that you can swim or feed them in the safest conditions. All you have to do is bring your bathing suit, sun-block and a camera for pictures and souvenirs, and your adventure can start. Enter the fascinating world of sea creatures, and enjoy a full day of freedom and happiness.

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