The Best Weekend Getaways

Sometimes taking a long trip just isn’t possible, but it shouldn’t deter you from traveling altogether. There are plenty of viable options for long weekend trips that are a little closer to home for most. Whether you’re looking for a girl’s weekend getaway, some one on one time as a couple or want to take a quick family trip, here are a few options you might want to consider. 

North Carolina Coast

Bald Head Island is just off the coast of North Carolina and is the ultimate beach getaway. It has plenty of dining options, shopping and activities for everyone. There are plenty of North Carolina beachfront rentals with incredible views for you to enjoy. It is the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing weekend away. 


If you need some time away but aren’t looking to travel, try a staycation. You won’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning but can relax with a room service breakfast in bed. As an added treat, consider booking a massage at the hotel or a nearby spa. You can choose to explore your city or just relax in the hotel for a few days. 

Luxury Spa

If you are looking for complete relaxation, consider booking a weekend at a spa. This will definitely be a kid free vacation. You can enjoy a girl’s weekend or couples getaway filled with massages, facials and mud wraps. The best part is you can choose the services based on what your preferences are. This vacation will allow you to get plenty of rest and enjoy time relaxing in your hotel room as well. 

Life is constantly busy, but taking time for you is important. Getting in some relaxation time can actually make you a happier and healthier person. Next time you have a long weekend coming up, consider taking a short trip to help you recharge.