5 Things You Must Do While In Bratislava, Slovakia

Are you planning to visit a European city this year but do not have an idea where to go? If so, Bratislava should be your choice. Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia. While it might not be popular, it is a haven of amazing experience and epic of European tourist attractions. The city offers a refreshing experience out of the crowds. 

Also, it fits well for individual and group tours. So, you can consider it as your choice for travel in this year. For first timers, you can consider working with a tour company like DMC Bratislava to help you navigate this city or plan an event for your team. While here, you should not miss doing these 5 things:

Visit the Michael’s Gate

Get back to the medieval time when in Bratislava city by visiting Michael’s Gate. This gate that dates back to 1300 is an amazing place. You can opt to take a picture on the gate or climb up for a superb experience. Though you will need to pay some bucks, the experience is worth the cost. 

Roam around the Old Town

The Old Town is another place to spend your moments while in Slovakia. This small and compact town houses amazing outdoor cafes and shopping malls. You can also spend time walking around the street which has medieval walls and colorful buildings built in many past decades. Here, you will have one on one interaction with history. 

Tour the Bratislava Castle

If you love hiking, the Bratislava Castle should not miss in your tour list. The castle is within a short distance from the city. You will walk or hike on it and have a superb view of the city while on its top. Also, you can view the sunset offering you and your group and memorable experience. 

Take a view at the statues of Bratislava

Statues are an epic tourist attraction in this Slovakian capital. You will have a chance to view various iconic statues and take a selfie with them. Some of these statues includeCumil that has unending queues of tourists, Napoleon’s Army soldier, the Paparazzi, and SchoneNaci among others. Remember to take a picture with each of the statues for memories.

Spend time at Slavin memorial 

Pay tribute to the foreign military troops and heroes who died in liberation wars by visiting the Slavin Memorial. This site is a cemetery of over 7,000 Soviet military troops who lost their life as they fought for Bratislava liberation from the hands of Germans. The slaying of these soldiers took place in 1945. 

As a way of honoring them, Slovakia made this their resting place and build a memorial site. So, you can make Slavin memorial part of your Slovakia memories by ensuring you visit it while on your tour here.

In a word, Bratislava is a charming and attractive city. You’ll enjoy your moments here as you tour various destinations. Also, there are many things you can do during your visit that will make your time tour memorable.

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