Travel to Meet the Queen of Beauty

the place that must be visited in Kerala because the place is the most beautiful and most liked by tourists. It is located in south India. It is a small state in India, even though it is not much larger than Maryland; it has got a population as big as California. The name Kerala means “Land of coconuts.” It is a green state and it is filled with coconut trees and palms shade. It attracts all kind of travelers with its palm-fringed backwaters, Sandy beaches, and green hill ranges. It is popular for thrilling snake boat races. You can enjoy and get refreshed in the Ayurveda resorts. It is more than a spa. Ayurveda is an ancient science. It has got its own place because of its effective qualities. One Travel can enjoy being at the sandy beach Kovalam which is known as the best beach in India.

Kerala is an ideal place for vacation, honeymoon, bird watching and wildlife. Travelers can have an intellectual adventure. Staying in the houseboat cruises is another wonderful enjoyment. South Indian foods are world famous. In Kerala, you get fresh seafood combining with fresh spices and coconut, they make delicious vegetarian, fish and meat varieties. You should not leave Kerala without tasting the popular food “Kulal Puttu with Kadala Kari”, the delicious “Adai Pradhaman”. It’s a semi-liquid sweet. Kerala is the center of spices. It grows cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and black pepper.

Here are the wonderful features we find in this queen of beauty:

Freeze out on Kerala Beaches:

Kovalam beach is one of the most developed resorts in India. It offers cool breezy air. You can enjoy taking a sunbath on the chill sandy seashore. If you move further north along the coast, you will find a place called Varkala which is famous for the fresh seafood. Great seafood is guaranteed wherever you find beaches. But in Kovalam, you get yummy fish and prawn varieties. You can enjoy eating delicious food in Kerala.

Western Ghats:

The Western Ghats is a forest that separates Kerala and the neighboring country Karnataka. It is a sanctuary of wild animals and birds. It covered with mountains and wild trees. Also, it grows coffee, tea, and peculiar spices. It is a wonderful place for researchers coming down to analysis the wildlife and ayurvedic plants. The Western Ghats saves us during the summer as the beaches become hot as the summer approaches. Two other popular tourist spots in Kerala are Munnar and Thekkady. Munnar is a hill station in the middle of tea estates. These are all the natural gifts that Kerala received. You can enjoy seeing wild elephants and tigers in Thekkady.

Boat trip on the backwaters:

The vast network of interconnected rivers and canals provides you marvelous boat journey. One should never miss this backwater boat trip if he goes to Kerala. You can get private boat houses called “Kettuvallams”, cruises and ferries. You can have a peaceful and relaxed boat journey on the long canals surrounded by the coconut groves.

Traditional massage in Ayurvedic centers:

Ayurveda is a long-established Indian medical system. A lot of ayurvedic treatment centers is located in Kerala. They offer a simple message to serious medical treatments. It is inexpensive and you can enjoy oil massages on the beach to 5-star spas.

Traditional cultural:

“Kathakali” is a traditional dance of Kerala. It would be more colorful and the artists have extraordinary makeup. This dance is long and continues all night but it has been cut short for the convenience of tourists. It explains the Hindu mythology. On the whole, Kerala provides wonderful excitements for the tourists. You can have adventure roaming in the forest as well as relax going for a boat trip on the backwaters. Ultimately, Kerala offers mesmerizing vacations in India.