Top weird romantic destinations

Ice Hotel, Sweden is one of the weirdest romantic destinations in the world, a giant and beautiful hotel made entirely of ice and snow which is open during winter. Every year, artists from all over the world come to create beautiful works of art using the snow and ice, which unfortunately, have an expiration date. The Ice Hotel is situated on the shores of the Torne River, in the old village of Jukkasjärvi in Swedish Lapland and it is built from scratch every year: new designs, new suits, new receptions, in fact everything is brand new and crisp. Over 10 000 tons of crystal clear ice from the Torne River and over 30 000 tons of pure snow generously supplied by Mother Nature are used to create the Ice Hotel every year. Covering more than 30,000 square feet, the Ice Hotel is host for over 100 guest who can sleep in unique bedrooms. In addition to the hotel itself, the ice building also includes an Ice Chapel, an ice art exhibition hall, a cinema and last but not least, the world famous ‘Absolut Ice Bar’. If you choose this as your honeymoon destination, you can enjoy guided Northern Lights tours, try ice sculpting, ice fishing, husky sleighing, moose watching or a snowmobile safari. Bu you should make sure that you book a room up to a year in advance because the Ice Hotel is full year-in, year-out.

Angel Waterfall, South America is the world’s highest waterfall, your best bet if you are looking for an unique, romantic scenery and a beautiful sight. The Angel Waterfall is so high that the water turns into a fine mist before it even reaches the bottom. There is no doubt that flying over this waterfall by plane is a memorable experience.


bone-crown--largeThe Skeleton Church, The Czech Republic is by far one of the weirdest romantic destinations to visit and experience. The church was built in 1400 and decorating began in 1870. the intriguing aspect is that its decorating is not done with conventional artwork and sculptures, but rather arrangements of bones. In fact, you can find somewhere between 40,000 and 70,000 human bones used in the décor. This is not surprising taking into account that its was originally built as an ossuary in 1400 and the macabre decorating started over 400 years later, when the Schwarzenberg family hired a woodcarver to arrange all the heaps of bones in order. As a result, nowadays you can find 4 giant bell-shaped mounds in each corner of the chapel, an enormous chandelier which contains at least one of every bone in one’s body in the center of the chapel and of course, a wide range of works of art executed in bone. The Skeleton Church may not use religious paintings and religious jewelry, it may be macabre in its very essence, but it is definitely one of the most beautiful churches in the world, an enchanting place that must be seen to be believed.



World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain, Las Vegas can be found at the Bellagio Hotel and its is considered a visual and aromatic masterpiece. Designed by world renown pastry chef Jean Philippe Maury, the chocolate fountain is 27 feet tall and circulates 2,100 pounds of chocolate at a rate of 120 quarts per minute. There are three types of chocolate in the fountain, milk, dark and white, forming a delicious chocolate cascade falling down from 14 feet from one suspended glass vessel to another. Displaying a spectacular series of melted chocolate cascades, the visual impact of the world’s largest chocolate fountain is as compelling as its chocolate is appetizing. Unfortunately, this is an encounter strictly for the eyes and nose, no dipping allowed!



cavehotel31Cappadocia Cave Hotel, Turkey is one of the most impressive hotels that you will ever visit. Carved into the Yunak Evleri mountain cliff, with 30 rooms all carved around the 5th and 6th centuries, this seems like a dangerous tourist trap. Yet, it is just what it sounds like: a beautiful, luxury hotel that combines houses and cave dwellings of the Hittite, Roman and Byzantine Periods with the luxurious comfort of the 21st Century. Placed in the central Turkey, the hotel offers a unique, memorable lodging experience as well as the opportunity to relax and experience the historic, wondrous and romantic surroundings.


DeVrouwe_interiorHotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren, Netherlands is the perfect weird romantic destination for travelers who love wine. Sharing a bottle of wine may be romantic, but sleeping in one is definitely weird. Of course, Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren is not exactly a bottle of wine, but itoffers giant wine casks as rooms. These 14,500 litre wine casks were shipped all the way from Switzlerand and they provide an unique experience that you will always remember. The beds stand inside the wine barrel and the round wooden walls give a very cozy and secure feeling. The good thing is that the ceiling is high enough, so guest can stand up in it, while at the back of each barrel is a doorway leading to the sitting room with shower and toilet. Moreover, the rooms are very affordable making a stay in this hotel even more appealing. It’s worth mentioning that the hotel offers beautiful views of the harbor and a restaurant featuring a wide variety of international cuisine.

botswanaSan Camp, Botswana allows romantic yet adventurous travelers to spend quality time right in the middle of nowhere. Of course, this is not exactly a typical romantic gateway, considering that San Camp is in the middle of nowhere. Although Botswana is one of the most popular and modern states in Africa and San Camp used to be the favorite spot for safari travelers and people looking for a bit of adventure, now this is a weird yet exclusive resort. In fact, you should expect to pay over $1,960 a night just to camp out in a tent! But even there is not electricity and running water, it’s good to know that each tent does come with its own bathroom. The white canvas desert safari tents seem to form the most popular camp in Africa. You can enjoy the sun rising behind you and sets in front of you creating a vast array of colors across these huge salt pans, a unique experience that you should not miss.

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