The unknown side of Nuremberg

Nuremberg, the second largest city of the German area of Bavaria, is one of the most famous cities of Europe, mostly due to its historical past. This beautiful place is considered the capital of Franconia, being annually visited by millions of tourists from all over the world. In spite of this, the city remains unfortunately still undiscovered by many and little information is known by the wide public. Ages ago, Nuremberg was the residence of most German kings, which is why the majestic architectural style has been maintained until today. Since the touristic side of the region has developed a lot in the past years, there are multiple Übernachtung Nürnberg options, for all those who are willing to come and visit. Here are some of the most popular attractions of this energetic city.


The legendary Christmas market

The Christkindlesmarkt, located annually in the Hauptmarkt square of the city, has managed to become one of the most popular places people visit during winter holidays. This is due to its incredible beauty and breathtaking charm, sprinkled with medieval elements and gingerbread scents. Visiting the legendary market will enable you to try the old-fashioned carousel and also to take a walk in the ancient steam train. The market opens each Friday before the first Advent Sunday, to the delight of the tourists and locals.


The foods and especially beverages

Germans are well known all around the globe for their traditional beer, so if you want to taste the exquisite beverage then Nuremberg is the perfect place where you can do this. The beer is as black as coffee, and its taste is definitely unique. Foods are often considered souvenirs, so you could buy some “Nuremberg Plum People”, small figurines which are available in almost any store. In addition to this, the region is famous for its grilled sausages and a special type of bread normally served during Christmas time.


The medieval architecture

The architecture represents maybe the most valuable legacy of Nuremberg. If you reach the area, then you have to visit the Castle of Nuremberg, situated in the northern part of the old town. The monument, having a height of 351 m, will immediately catch your eye and convince you that it is one of the most imposing medieval fortresses in Europe. Its Sinwell Tower offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the city, allowing tourists to watch the region in all its glory. Another important architectural attraction is represented by the old town walls, with its rooms and towers that are open to those who want to explore them.


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