The natural treasures of Cozumel

It is said that Cozumel is hiding pirate treasures in the ancient Mayan catacombs, but there is no clue where they might be, so the treasure hunters can focus on the natural treasures they can find when visiting Cozumel. After Spanish destroyed the Mayan population form the island, it remained inhabited, so there may be hidden some treasures, but natural ones also had time to develop. The ones hidden in nature can be discovered in one of the excursions in Cozumel, but only a lucky person can find the precious ones.


Ancient treasures

The Maya civilization left many natural treasures on the island that wait to be discovered by the tourists. One such archaeological site is San Gervasio, which is located in the northern side of the island. There are the ruins of a hub of Ix Chel goddess and the place was declared national monument. There are living a large number of wildlife, some of them being habituated with humans, like iguanas, but others keep a safe distance from people, like coatis and peccaries. The site has many structures, depending on the purpose they were designed. It is a residence of the Mayan ruler called Las Manitas, his family chapel, called Chi Chan Nah, a big pyramid, which is believed to have been the temple of Ix Chel, and other such structures that served as entrances or buildings.

Natural treasures

Cozumel is worldwide known for its white sand beaches and clear turquoise waters. The nature greatest treasures are hidden in the waters around the island, one of the most beautiful places being Cielo Reef. There people can find amazing shaped coral formations that wait to be discovered while a diving trip. Other Cozumel jewel is the Chankanaab natural park, where people can discover the local wildlife, while walking through the garden and experiment the pleasure of relaxing in the lagoon’s cool waters. Other eco-park is Punta Sur, that offers tourists the chance of exploring a unique view of the whole island from the lighthouse. There is found a nautical museum and people can enjoy taking pictures of the amazing landscape. The beaches of Cozumel represent the first treasure a tourist discovers when arriving on the island. The shoreline is a paradise of gorgeous beaches and people can surf or relax taking sunbaths there. Two of the attractions of the island are Playa Corona and Paradise Beach that are seen as two of the most beautiful places in the world. The hidden treasure from underwater waits to be discovered while diving and snorkeling. The best diving places are Punta Tunich, Santa Maria Reef, Chankanaab Caves or the San Francisco Reef. Sea turtles have chosen this beautiful land to lay their eggs, and because they are seen as a blessing for the coasts of Cozumel, many environmental programs monitor their activity. Their eggs are kept safe as the most precious diamond until the little turtles came to life. After they see the sun, are released in the sea to spread all over the world. Tourists can meet these little jewels of Cozumel far away from the island, but if they want to discover the other natural treasures, they have go on a vacation there.

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