Make sure to visit these movies sets while being in London

As you already know, London is one of the cities where many movies have been set, and if you love movies, then you definitely have to visit it. Many people who long to find more details about London use to watch movies set there, and you might be amazed to see how many details they know about the city. Therefore, if you have decided to spend your next holiday in London, why not seeing some of the most famous movies sets, and who knows you might fall in love with one of them. And as you know you cannot rely on movies if you want to have a clear picture of the place, so if you have in mind a certain spot, it is recommended to visit it while being there. Here are some suggestions of movies sets that you can visit in London, and you would totally love taking pictures there.


Visit Notting Hill

This place was highly promoted in the eponymous movie, and even if it was filmed many years ago, you would totally love to watch it even nowadays. Notting Hill does not look anymore as in the movie, but you can make an image about it, and while Visitare Londra in una settimana, you have the possibility to compare the movie with the reality.

Include on your list Tower Bridge

This is one of the places from London which is used as the dramatic backdrop of many famous films, as Mission Impossible, Fast and Furious 6, Tomb Rider and even Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Walk across the bridge and you will find it as the most amazing spot where to take pictures.

See the London’s Skyline

This is one of the places from London that has become an epic spot in many movies, and there are many famous buildings, which can offer you a great view, both in the morning and in sunset. The capital’s amazing skyline might have taken your breath away in the last James Bond movie, Skyfall, where the actor Daniel Craig takes a look at the old city while surveying the skyline. While being there, you have the possibility to admire all the beauties of the city, and you can even see the Big Ben, one of the greatest touristic attractions from London. See the movies at home, and visit the movies sets in London, this is the simplest way to make your dream come true.

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