How to plan a killer stag night

Are you the best man for one of your friends? Well, then you will have to plan a stag party, because it is the perfect moment to celebrate that he is starting a new stage in his life. So, you know him for so many years and he is the type of person who likes to party, so you have to make sure that you will surprise him with your plans. In this case, you should definitely organise a destination stag night, because there is nothing that will surprise him at home. As his best man, the pressure is quite high, because this means that you are the person he trusts the most, and you have to impress everyone, and to make him grateful that he has chosen you. If you have no ideas and you need a little help, then you should consider getting in touch with a provider that organises stag nights in Newcastle, because they have so many ideas from which you can choose.


Decide who to invite and who you will leave behind

You have to decide what people are the right ones to take into this trip, because you have to make sure that you will have the best time. But, if you have to do this, you will consider it an overwhelming task, because it can be offence causing to leave someone behind. So, you have to decide if he would want to have his family members on this trip. Also, it is important to decide if his work colleagues should come, because some of the activities you may do might have career repercussions. The number of people who would accompany you in the trip is important. The golden rule is that if the person will make the party better, then they should come.

How much should you spend?

You have to decide the budget from the beginning, because it is a destination party, and there will be many expenses. Depending on the how well a group you are, you will have to decide upon the sum, because you have to keep real and understand that you cannot spend as for a celebrity party. A decent stag weekend should not cost more than £100 per person. You should talk with the persons invited to the party to give you the money in time, because other way you will not be able to plan the stag nights.

Do you want to plan other activities?

According to the preferences of the future-groom, you will have to decide if you plan only some stag nights or you want to do other activities. There are persons who want to have a lot of fun during their stag party, and this does not involve only partying. So, you can talk with the others and organise activities as bungee-jumping. If you are many people, then you may find interesting to go carting, because men like to get competitive. In addition, you can try a paintballing activity, because you will definitely find a field in Newcastle where to spend your day before partying in the night.

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