Barcelona – an extraordinary touristic destination

Barcelona is probably one of the most popular touristic destinations in the world thanks to its beautiful beaches, architectural attractions, and cultural heritage, not to mention the exciting nightlife. If you plan to visit Barcelona, you cannot possibly miss several places, which are truly magnificent. Starting with the inheritance Antoni Gaudi has left behind, Barcelona is a place of architectural wonder.
Things to do and see in Barcelona

Sagrada Familia
This is a true masterpiece that Antoni Gaudi designed and one of the most popular touristic attractions in Barcelona. Sagrada Familia impresses through its tremendous height and bizarre style that people are not used to see in the design of a sacred place. The building is not yet finished yet and its construction is foreseen to last until 2041. Gaudi started to work at the design of this beautiful symbol at the age of thirty-one and he has dedicated his whole life to this project ever since. He has changed the original design leaning over the neo-gothic style, finding inspiration in nature. Antoni Gaudi has changed and altered the entire project several times and little of his plans and designs have been preserved until today. The finalization of the masterpiece is left in the hands of talented architects that believe they can pretty much guess what Gaudi had in mind for his most priced project: Sagrada Familia.

Zoo park de la Ciutadella
Barcelona has one of the biggest zoo parks in Europe that hosts more than seven thousands animals from five hundreds different species. Visitors can take their time and visit animals from small to huge such as elephants, or from cute to scary such as poisonous reptiles. Barcelona offers people the opportunity to face their fears by allowing close proximity with crocodiles and live their dream of watching tigers and gorillas play in their confined places. More than that, several times a day, visitors have the chance of watching an extraordinary show with dolphins.

Montjuic is a hill at the edge of Barcelona and a destination you cannot miss, because it offers tourists the opportunity to see the whole city in its splendor from an impressive height. The scenery is unique as Montjuic offers a complete view of the old center of the city, not to mention its own gardens and castles.

La Rambla
This is probably one of the most famous streets in Barcelona thanks to its unique attractions and spectacles. The region we talk about is located in the old center of the city where the crowded streets and beautiful architecture invite tourists to memorable walks full of mystery. From exquisite shops to small booths, you can find anything you may want on this street, including extraordinary artistic moments offered by costumed people.

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